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Free-Vending-Machines.com.au can and will set you up with a FREE vending machine for your business.

The vending machine/s we organise for you …can have the latest technology from credit card readers , note readers that take $5.00 & $10.00 Notes… as well as give you coin change.

No Gimmicks ! ...No cost !... it's so EASY !

The benefits of having a vending machine at your business

The benefits that most Australian business owners realise nowadays …is that they get far better productivity from their staff if a vending machine is available to them.

No more staff leaving the building to go and get drinks, coffee, snacks etc.. they stay in-house and get more work done each day ! Having a vending machine can assist in your happiness in the staff’s productivity and their Happiness at work.

In fact productivity in a business is often low due to employee fatigue. As a result any company can face a huge loss which would not have been the case if the employees were given better facilities for their workplace. Providing healthy options like low fat,low GI or gluten free products as well as the well known brands of snacks and drinks, PPE safety gear , deliscious Hot Chocolate & freshly grinded Coffee etc… throughout their working hours can definitely be helpful to enhance their productivity and keep them alert, safe and the foremost ” happy”.

We have been in the vending business for 4 years and have personally removed and installed over 3000 vending machines.

So when it comes to Vending …we do know a thing or two about Vending here in Australia.